VW Golf mk5 GTi Tfsi 200 Remap

VW Golf mk5 GTi Tfsi 200 Remap

Skoda Octavia Mk2 VRS TFSI – Audi TFSI  A3 – Seat Mk2 Leon TFSI FR

Engine codes AXX BWA K03 turbocharged  / Stock performance numbers 197hp 207lbft (200ps)

Estimated Performance Tuning gains at each stage of tune

We don’t really quote exact performance gains from the custom tuning sessions because every car/setup is unique and the final power numbers are based on how well your car and hardware combination responds to tuning. Below is a guide detailing the best hardware combinations to get close to the power you are aiming to achieve.  With each stage1 of tune the peak rpm and area of the torque will move around  for example a stage 1 car will hit peak torque around 2900rpm and tail off sooner compared to a stage 2+ setup which will peak closer to 3300rpm but hold that number longer into the rpm range, the point is that the peak numbers are only a small part of how your car will perfom in the real world

  • Stage 1 custom remap             240-255 hp        280-310 lbft  
  • Stage 2  custom remap            265-275 hp        290-330 lbft
  • Stage 2+ custom remap           275-290 hp        355-360 lbft 
  • Stage 3  custom remap            330-350 hp        350-370 lbft  (k04 or k03 hybrid setups)

If you have a setup with pre cat removed you only need stage one custom mapping not stage 2  session. stage1 with precat removed will offer greater volume of power and a much more efficient cooler running setup.

Combination of  ”CUSTOM” tuning level options:  £350+vat

  1. Stage 1 =  Any hardware upgrade as long as main cat stays un touched
  2. Stage 2  = Intercooler – induction kit – sports cat / decat full performance exhaust
  3. Stage 2+= Hpfp – intercooler – induction kit – sports cat / decat full performance exhaust.
  4. Stage 3 = Stage2+ hardware upgrades with K04 or  K03 Hybrid turbo with s3 injectors and RS4 pressure valve.

The best hardware to use on a k03 setup:

Use the alloy S3 intercooler core which can be found for around £200-300,  exhaust BCS or Miltke cat back with 100 cell cat or decat,  Revo  cold air intake, and Autotech HPFP internals.  We can supply all parts if needed, please call on 01455 617233.    Dont go over kill on hardware with a k03 turbo as you can can cause negative effect by fitting hardware too big which kills the potential spooling and low dow torque band which the k03 can offer.

During your custom remap session we will carry out a full health check which includes a smoke test to make sure there are no leaks on the engine, we also check the spark plugs, coil pack, the pcv system and the diverter valve which are all prone to causing issues pre and post tuning.

  • Stage 1 tuning is to gain best safe power limited by the stock cats to help the stage 1 number you can add an air filter into the stock air box or fit a cold air induction kit.
  • Stage 2 is basically limited by the stock fuel pump and the tuning is aimed to top end power and flow not torque
  • Stage 2+ will exploit the full rpm range trying to get the most area under the torque band and much top end hp as possible
  • Stage3 Is to get the most from the engine using bigger oem spec bolt on turbos same sort of power as the S3 at stage2+