R-Tech Remap Prices

R-Tech remapping custom tuning  Price Guide April 5th 2022

Please Note:

We will take a payment of £90 during booking, this will be used to hold your dyno time session, this covers the dyno costs and the initial health checks, diagnostics session, logging session, pre tuning reports and workshop time to fix minor faults if needed prior to tuning.  If your car is fit and healthy to tune then the £90 will be taken off the final price of your remapping session on the day.

This payment of £90 is not a deposit,  It is for a time session allocation.  If you miss your slot, cancel at short notice the payment cannot be refunded.  We can only refund the slot payment if we managed to fill the slot with another job at short notice.  Once the booking slot has been refilled we will start the process to get our book keeper  to send cheque sent out at the end of the month.

  1. It is your responsibility to TRY your best to bring the car to us in a fit and healthy condition to tune, please don’t hope and pray that your car is going to be ok, have your engine ecu codes read prior to booking to make sure you have no faults stored. You could have 10-20 fault codes but not engine light on the dash.  Also have the car checked for leaks and hardware issues. On the day of tuning we will be looking for faults so we know the engine is safe to tune. If there are issues they are a simple easy fix then we can maybe put it right prior to tuning. If you have a major issue or and issues which requires lots ot time or part to resolve then we cannot tune the car  for you. (if you are unsure please don’t take the risk. phone us up ans will will try to help you out as much as we can. Dont leave having your car check until the last minute, get it checked as soon has you have booked in.
  2. Ride Height:  slammed cars will not go on the dyno, they need to be a practical fast road height not show height to fit.
  3. All car need to be road legal and practical with MOT and TAX so we can finalise the tuning session during a road testing shake down session. We will take on race cars and track cars which have valid road use insurance and road legal tyres. If you have any issue or are unsure on anything please phone us before your booking slots so we can correctly advise you.

All cars are tuned with common sense we wont just tune a car flat out unsafe to meet numbers.  We will also take into account how the car is going to be used, track, drag, fast road, daily commute.  Using this information will help us work out what is best for you and safe as possible for your car.

ALL tuning session will come with a full engine health check prior to going onto the dyno, this is for us to find any potential hardware faults which could cause issues or damage when on the dyno during tuning.  The idea with the health check is not to find any issues based on you having the car check before your booking date.  minor issues which you have missed could be fixed on the day.  If you have over looked major issues then unfortunately there is a good chance it will be impossible to fix on the day of tuning and we refuse to tune the car because its not safe to tune

Please don’t pull up to there workshop and delete your fault codes thinking we will tuning it with issues if we dont see them, we do know when codes have been deleted. be honest with us, as soon as you know about any codes or issues please ring us asap before your booking date so we can advise you and save you a lot of time and hassle.  You will be surprised how many people try to pull the wool over our eyes.  our main concern is safety and tuning healthy cars only to avoid customers having expensive bills.

Final Notes :  PLEASE check your tyres are legal, its very very common for us to see cars with completely bald tyres or the threads hanging out the sides.  For post dyno road logging and mapping please make sure your car has both legal number plates correct fitted, with MOT and TAX.


Our inlet and injectors cleaning  packed deal with stage 1 2 or 2+ custom rolling remap session, DSG calibrations if needed, full health check only £675!!!  (LIMITED BOOKING SLOTS 1 per day)

2,0 TSI E888.3 MQB IS38 IS20 2013 -2018

VW Golf Mk7 R – VW Golf Mk7 GTI – Audi S3 8v – Audi TTS – Seat Leon Cupra 280 290 300 – Skoda VRS 

(Includes DSG calibration if needed)

  • Stage 1 custom tuning sessions £570
  • Stage 2 custom tuning sessions £570





Custom Engine rolling road remap sessions (all session will have a 3 to 6 hours

  • Stage 1 TFSI Custom Engine Remap session = £499
  • Stage 2 TFSI Custom Engine Remap session = £570
  • Stage 2+ TFSI Custom Engine Remap session = £570
  • Returning customer discount for upgrading to the next stage of tuning £POA
  • (Special offers available with DSG as well mapping £poa)


TFSI turbo upgrade custom st3 tuning sessions

  • K03 to k04 or K03 Hybrid Custom Mapping Session = £599   (BWA AXX)
  • K04 Hybrids custom Mapping session (BYD BZH BWJ CDL) = £799
  • Special offer add on for inlet and injector cleaning / k04 injector fitting = £249
  • DSG tuning to match + £199

R-Tech hybrid Fuel TFSI fuel injectors brand new oem upgrade units

  • +22% units ideal for between 400-500hp POA
  • +40% units for  between 450-650hp POA

FREE extra option for stage 3 tuning sessions OUR UNIQUE MAP ECU FIRMWARE  WITH MAP SWITCHING with  SOFT NO LIFT SHIFT AND SOFT LAUNCH CONTROL, UNLOCKED not paired to the car unit  on most setups but (some setups may lose the cruise control,  feature to to allow all the extras to work correctly. from adding the motor sport based software) Launch control only for 4wd cars, its pointless on a 2wd car on road tyres as you will just smash the valves in 1st gear from wheel spinning too much.  4wd car will need a decent clutch launch control will destroy most clutch setups in no time, anti theft settings  We don’t add launch control for noise or flames we put all out time and effort into performance tuning.

TFSI EXTRAS (not avaliable on all sw version or stages of tune MED9 TFSI)

  • TIV (TM) R-Tech’s unique trade mark map calibration =  Included in all maps
  • R-TECH-ASR traction control calibrations =  Included in all maps
  • R-TECH HARDCUT SPORTS REV LIMITER = Included in all maps (not static)
  • R-Tech ROLLING LAUNCH AND BRAKE BOOST = £ FREE OF CHARGE WITH MOST MAPS needs to be requested before tuning
  • R-TECH OVER RUN BURBLES  MANUAL CARS ONLY = £ FREE OF CHARGE WITH MOST MAPS is the software and engine/ hardware allows
  • Pops and bangs / rerving your car to the limiter static.  We dont offer this at all

DSG Calibrations only DQ250 (to work with our engine maps or other tuners maps)

Stage 1  £250

Stage 2  £300

Stage 2+ high torque £350

Stage 3 £450

(If having engine tuning and dsg tuning carried out at the same time then HUGE package deal discounts are availably £POA)


* All map upgrade offers and returning customer upgrades discounts apply to the original customer named on the invoice not the car, the discounts are customer loyalty based at our discretion and cannot be used with any other discount or special offer.