2.0TFSI K04 Custom ECU Remap

ed30 editio 30 remap badge2.0TFSI K04 Custom ECU Remap

VW Golf Mk5 GTi Pirelli edition k04 TFSI BYD 

VW Golf Mk6  GTi  R  k04 TFSI CDL

VW Golf Mk6 GTi Edition 35/ ED35 k04 TFSI CDL

Seat Leon Mk2  Cupra K1  k04 TFSI BWJ 

Seat Leon Mk2 Cupra R k04 TFSI CDL

Audi S3 8p k04 TFSI BHZ CDL


Estimated Performance Tuning gains at each stage of tune

We don’t really quote exact performance gains from the custom tuning sessions because every car/setup is unique and the final power numbers are based on how well your car and hardware combination responds to tuning. Below is a guide detailing the best hardware combinations to get close to the power you are aiming to achieve.  With each stage 1 of tune the peak rpm and area of the torque will move around  for example a stage 1 car will hit peak torque around 2900rpm and tail off sooner compared to a stage 2+ setup which will peak closer to 3300rpm but hold that number longer into the rpm range, the point is that the peak numbers are only a small part of how your car will perfom in the real world

  • Stage 1 custom remap             285-310 hp        290-320 lbft 
  • Stage 2  custom remap            325-340 hp        320-330 lbft
  • Stage 2+ custom remap           355-370 hp        365-390 lbft
  • Stage 3  custom remap            390-440 hp        380-450 lbft 

numbers are down to the car not the map

Combination of  ”CUSTOM” tuning level options:

  1. Stage 1 =  Any hardware upgrade as long as cats and fuel pump stay stock
  2. Stage 2  = Intercooler – induction kit – full performance exhaust
  3. Stage 2+= HPFP – intercooler – induction kit – full performance exhaust – RS4 pressure valve and for best torque an upgraded clutch
  4. Stage 3 = Stage2+ hardware upgrades with Loba TTE or  BBT K04 Hybrid turbo upgrades


  • Stage 1 tuning is to gain best safe power limited by the stock cats to help the stage 1 number you can add an air filter into the stock air box or fit a cold air induction kit.
  • Stage 2 is basically limited by the stock fuel pump and the tuning is aimed to top end power and flow not torque
  • Stage 2+ will exploit the full rpm range trying to get the most area under the torque band and much top end hp as possible
  • Stage3 Is to get the most from the engine using bigger oem spec bolt on hybrid turbo units limiting factor on final power is out right flow of the full hardware combination and the engine itself.

For more info regarding each stage of custom tuning please click on the tfsi tuning tab above and select the level of tune from the drop down boxes in the above tabs