Mk4 R32 Tuning

2018 New Year Special offer

Due to noise not being an issue now within the dyno cell and neighbours (basically we have taken over the unit next door ) We can now start to rebook these 3.2 noisy beasts again without having to limit booking slots to Saturday afternoons.

So to get the ball rolling again we are offering a 2018 Special offer for all MK4 R32 Owners £100 off, giving you and your pride and joys a full rolling road dyno custom tuning session with full health checks and data logging ect only for £225+vat.

Special offer Discount code for R-Tech custom remap session carried out on the rolling road dyno.   RRP £325+ vat

Stage 1 remap = £100 off with R32map100 discount code

Stage 2 full loaded TIV -Launch control – over run pops – no lift shift – semi linear throttle maps  = £100 off with R32map100 discount code



Offer ENDS MAY 27th 2018


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